Often times, the “request” to split or combine a parcel comes directly from a recorded document in the public records. These include:

  • Warranty Deeds
  • Special Warranty Deeds
  • Quit Clam Deeds
  • Plat/Waiver of Plat
  • Declaration of Condominium/ Amendment to a Declaration of Condominium
  • Unity of Title
  • Restrictive Covenant


Property owners may also request to have their parcels split or combined without a recorded document. There are some important points in regards to splitting or combining parcels:

  • Approvals of splits and combines are not automatic and are subject to review.
  • All taxes must be current per Florida Statute 197.192.
  • Parcels must be in like name to be considered for combination.
  • Parcel splits/combinations processed by the Property Appraiser’s Office are for tax roll purposes only and do not imply that the surviving or newly created parcel(s) comply with local zoning or building requirements.
  • Owners should consult with the appropriate zoning department, planning department or municipality/jurisdiction before submitting request.
  • Any change that affects a parcel’s characteristic, ownership or use, may also affect the parcel’s assessed value.
  • If the property is encumbered by a mortgage, it is the property owner’s responsibility to seek prior approval from the mortgage company for any legal changes to the property.


Requests for parcel split or combinations must be submitted using the Request to Split or Combine Real Estate Parcels. All required documents must accompany the form.